Two more poems

The two poems are separated by 40 years.  The first one was written in 1972.  I struggled not to rewrite the young Zack’s words, who at the time believed them to be perfect.   The second poem I found hanging around, asking to have the light shined on it.


The Capitalist


My old friend the capitalist

dropped by to visit me

and over a cup of bitter memories

we talked of people we knew

of changing times

of pressure cooker worlds

of tears we both had shed.


When we parted company he said,

“What kind of car are you driving?”


Zack Hoffman 1972





Romeo’s Lament


I am neither

Montague nor Capulet tonight,

just an aging crevasse

on this globe stage.

Waiting with dread

to strut with perkiness

that has left long ago.


Waiting for love

that will not make its way to the balcony.

Love is in San Diego

sleeping with a producer

who wears a much larger codpiece.


Tonight’s Juliet

puffy and self important

barking like a poodle

to all who won’t listen.

Cast members pass the poison early

hoping to spare the second act.


The Buddhist stage manager

lets hands do what legs do.

Lamps flood.

Lightning strikes

burned and excited

all identity is lost

to that bastard Romeo

who walks smoldering into the fog.


Zack Hoffman   2004




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