A Trip to Eternia

A Trip to Eternia

30 years ago, I was touring with a sword and sorcery musical version of He-Man She-Rah and the Masters of the Universe.  In ten days, I will get a chance to talk about that tour for the first time and get to see some old friends. I got to play Man at Arms, the second banana to He-Man and She-rah.  It was a job that took across the United States and into Canada for over a year.  I am proud of my work and even more proud of the cast and crew that surrounded me.  We brought it every show.  Thrilling children, bringing to life their television cartoon heroes and sending the message that “you can be the hero of your own life if only you believe in yourself.”

This is such an important message for our world today.  He-man, She-rah and the Masters of the Universe need to saddle up and spread the word again.   I would volunteer to do the show again.  Unfortunately, this cowboy is not equipped to ride a fifty-pound neoprene suit across this earthly landscape.  I will turn that over to talented people who are much younger and adventurous.  I have put down my sword.

What I did pick up is my computer mouse and edited a small moment of the show which I will share with you here.

If you are a fan of the show I am looking forward to meeting you and talking Power Tour ’87 memories.

More soon.


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