Haiku Challenge Day 22 to 28

This week has been a roller-coaster ride of imagery and emotion.   The finish line is very close.


Day 22
landscape surrenders
to black birds massing for food
the many entitled

Day 23
Thanksgiving Day is
a gathering unfolding
to seek out the love

Day 24

blooming on a tree
a solo magnolia
Its fragrance delights

Day 25

pill pusher doctor
bodies litter the office
legal pharma crime

Day 26
mirror reflection
judging human flawed father,
imperfect reprieve

Day 27
Travel day again
Fasten safety belts right now.
Away we go home

Day 28

deep in dawn’s Rem sleep
two hands pull me from a dream
my insomnia

Zack Hoffman 2017


Haiku Challenge Days 15-21


Day 15

seeking approval

handing out the parts of me

to be tossed away


Day 16

vitamin C fix

the beginnings of a cold

scratchy throat warning



Day 17

recovery eve
tales of hopelessness lift us
miracles spoke here



Day 18

relationship maps
navigate stormy waters
of betrayal and lies



Day 19

loyal white haired dog
guarding the foot of my bed
loving companion


Day 20

your ghost came floating in

for breakfast, remembering

we loved each other


Day 21

last line of defense

holiday intimacy

noisy restaurant

Continue the Haiku Month

The November Haiku Challenge continues.

I decided best to post once a week…  I was doing the everyday for the first three days but now here are days four through seven.   I will post on the usual Tuesday.


Day 4

I’m isolating

acting like Quasimodo

hiding in my room


Day 5

another sleepless night

Keurig illuminates blue

caffeinated soon


Day 6

there’s no dignity

living on social security

and scrounge to survive


Day 7

safe place lost to me

Hillcrest Drive fades in distance

my childhood ends there


Zack Hoffman 2017

A Haiku a day in November … day 1

A haiku a day for the next thirty days.  One of the members of the League of Poets has thrown down the gauntlet and I am picking it up.

Here’s what she wrote

“I want to state for the record that haiku is an ancient, elegant, Japanese poetic form. Masters of haiku capture the beauty of nature and subtle truths of the human soul in perfect little pinafores of words. The form is inimitable in English.

So for the next thirty days I will be crapping all over the tradition by writing three-lined poems, syllabled 5-7-5, like we all did in third grade. They will be about whatever stupid thing is happening in my life. I’m sorry.

But in the past, poetic constraints have brought out good things in me. I love writing sonnets because when I have a mandated structure to box me in, I am forced to be creative in my word choices. So in November, I’m going to make the box even smaller.

If I get one or two interesting poems out of the deal, it’ll be worth it. So I’ll give it a go.

LoHaiMo ho!”

Jessica Towns

So here I go.  Such a long intro for three lines of poetry.

Day 1

my heart is broken

the world series epic battle

ruined by racism

Zack Hoffman